Be Rebeloutionary
your path back to spiritual freedom

This can be a period of fear and panic or it can be a period of spiritual transformation.
You can choose. 
This is a most auspicious time to be incarnated, during the time of The Great Awakening, not only does this time offer spiritual growth unequivocal to anything else within all the universe within this NOW. We also have the chance to anchor higher energies within a low vibrating false matrix, mastering our energies, becoming the ascended masters ourselves. Releasing all fear and lower aspects the ego & personality we think we are…
Being Rebeloutionary is joyously living in a reality created by us where the polarities are not as extreme. Ushering in the Golden Age, we are doing this all while embodying the higher versions of ourselves instead of the propaganda and organizations constructed to drain our energy and mislead our true selves,  thus focusing on The New Earth (5D Gaia)  and healing ourselves instead. We’re doing so by embracing our rebel energies to follow the biggest boldest vision of US expressing together in a beautiful symphony of all the soul songs of the truest sacred rebels, We hold the vision of Gaia in all her glory and children, its a calling undeniable.
 If you were led here, after realizing a seemingly ‘normal’ world is now an illusionary world of deception and is crashing down, you are being called by your Higher Self to certain self realizations and once the fear is overcame, the ego is called out, these actions will set you free like you never thought possible. 
Eureka! Put on the armor of God. Welcome to The Great Awakening!  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
When we embrace the honest observer, honoring and holding the divine template against all odds. This is what being a Sacred Rebel is all about. This is what I love to call the Rebeloution. It is within this journey and experience, observation if you will, that has led me to create Be Rebeloutionary. Im have been undeniably guided and motivated by my Higher Self and guides to SHINE bright  and lift as many who are ready up with me during this ascension process. 
We ARE Sacred Rebels, helping the lost be found! It’s one of the greatest things we can do. ~C.D.W

The Information you gave me was so useful! Tools that anyone for that matter can process, understand and use. Thank you! 
-Sara, Iowa
I think that having someone like you helps get people like myself who have been ignoring the calling of the soul up to speed quickly!
-Sara, Iowa
You find such great gems 💎 Thank you for all your dedication & work with all of this. I know it takes time & emotional strain to do what you are doing.You are a great source of important topics & discussion among my family & friends.  You are doing a great service for our country, thank you!
-Paul, CA
I feel more encouraged and strengthened knowing that we have others like ourselves, engaged in spreading the truth. I am even more encouraged about the future of America and the world. 
-Paul, CA
Ready for a change?
Ready to dive deeper than ever before? 
Ready to take control of the self sabotaging voice inside you that always isn’t as uplifting as it could be? 
Help me help you allow the higher versions of yourself to run the show. I can show you how!
Ready to let go of old habits, self limiting beliefs, phobias? 
Ready to liberate yourself from the weights of the world? 
It is a certain calling of my journey to assist my clients in over all well being of mind, body and soul. 
Assisting my clients in their awakening process, 
all aspects of self that cause dis ease within our lives and experiences. 
You have all the tools within you to create the life your wildest dreams are of, with help from me not only will you feel a sense of self regeneration, boost in confidence and direction, you will be doing this on your own within the Rebeloution and inspiring others to do the same as you live your best life and watch things change for the better. 
Are you ready to join the Rebeloution?
Divine Light Life Coaching 
Intuitive Empathic Spiritual Counseling
Intuitive Energy Healing 
Certified Master NLP Practitioner
Coming soon: Hypnotherapy (Local Clients only) 
Services vary for each client and are suited for individual needs. Please send inquiry to check availability.